A medium sized flamethrower.

Standard Attack Edit

Fire a trail of flame in the targeted direction at 30 meters per second for 3 seconds which cause players to burn for 4 damage per second for 3 seconds.

If the player is already burning, extends the duration by 2 second.

1 second Cooldown after trail finishes

Special Attack Edit

Charge the Flamethrower for up to 3 seconds shooting a large fireball in the targeted direction a maximum of 50 meters at 25 meters per second.

On contact with an object/player, the fireball explodes dealing 15 damage to all players and destroys any destructible objects within 10 meters and causes them to burn for 3 seconds regardless if they were already burning.

10 second Cooldown

Tier 3 Upgrade Edit

While the Special Attack fireball is traveling, it sends out 4 small fireballs every 0.5 seconds in a cross pattern. These small fireballs only last 0.5 seconds cause the same burn effect as the standard attack.