Game Overview Edit

Project Destruction is a multiplayer arena-based shooter located in a deserted city that has been converted into a grounds for entertainment for the new governing body over Earth where they watch people battle to the death. When the match begins, players start in different areas of the city and their goal is to be the last person alive. The key to surviving is to outsmart your opponents, find useful equipment, and keep quiet. For more information on the character, click here.

The City Edit

The city in Project Destruction features a fully destructible, procedurally generated city that is generated every time a new match begins. For more information on how we accomplished this, click here.

Weapons Edit

Weapons are placed randomly around the city to be found by players. However, the weapons featured in Project Destruction are not your typical shooter weapons. For more information on weapons, click here.

Destruction Edit

As the match progresses, the city will shrink in size at a preset time interval until only a small plaza is left at the center of the city. If a player finds themselves in a section of the city being destructed, or in a building that a player destroyed, they are killed instantly.