Two bracers, each with their own harpoon launching device.

Standard Attack Edit

If there is an enemy in melee range, the melee attack will be used, otherwise the ranged attack will be used.

Melee Attack Edit

1.5 Attacks per Second

Punch in front of your with alternating strikes dealing 5 damage and causing the player to bleed for 1 damage per second for 5 seconds.

If the target is already bleeding, each additional attack increases the bleed duration by 2 seconds.

Ranged Attack Edit

1.5 Attacks per Second

Shoot the harpoon from alternating hands in the targeted direction. These harpoons travel 75 meters per second and deal 5 damage.

Special Attack Edit

Shoot a tethered harpoon 30 meters ahead in the targeted direction. If the harpoon fails to collide with anything, the tether retracts and it can be fired again. If the harpoon does collide with something, the player can release the Weapon Attack Button and the player/object will be tethered to their location for 3 seconds.

10 second Cooldown

Tier 3 Upgrade Edit

The tether can now be attached to the targeted direction.

The player can pull themselves to the harpoons location by pressing the interact button.

If the player travels to a place that is above the ground, they hang until cancelled.