Two large gauntlets that extend from the character's fist to their elbow.

Standard Attack Edit

Execute the attack chain of Jab, Hook, Uppercut in quick succession.

Jab Edit

Deals 2 damage.

Hook Edit

Deals 3 damage.

Uppercut Edit

Deals 10 damage and launches them 2 meters up.

Special Attack Edit

Charge the gauntlets and launch yourself in the targeted direction traveling a certain distance based on charge time.

1 meter increase in distance per 0.5 seconds.

On contact with a player, deals 20 damage and the other player is launched into the air.

On contact with an object, destroys object if destructible or launches the object if it is not.

Stuns you if you don't collide with anything.

5 second Cooldown

Tier 3 Upgrade Edit

Special Attack can now be charged in any direction.