Linear Death is a large laser cannon that is fired from the shoulder.

Standard Attack Edit

Fires a small burst of energy in the target direction.

Bursts of energy recharge at the rate of 1 burst per 2 seconds and each burst's recharge is independent of the other bursts.

The weapon can store 3 bursts of energy at a time and there is no fire rate limitation for the bursts.

Special Attack Edit

Charge Linear Death and fire a large burst of energy in the targeted direction.

Damage is based on how long the weapon is charged at 5 damage per 0.5 seconds up to a max of 3 seconds/30 damage.

If the weapon is charged for longer than 5 seconds, the attack goes on cooldown.

5 second Cooldown

Tier 3 Upgrade Edit

The weapon can store 2 additional bursts of energy and they now destroy destructible objects.