Two large hammers that can be fused together as one hammer or used separately.

To switch between hammer types, simply hold down the weapon select button. This action takes 2 seconds.

Standard Attack Edit

Dual Hammers Edit

1.25 Attacks per Second

Swing both hammers in front of you alternating which hammer you are currently swinging. Each attack deals 6 damage.

Single Hammer Edit

0.5 Attacks per Second

Swing the hammer from your side like a baseball bat alternating which side you are swinging from. Each attack deals 10 damage and pushes the player back 5 meters.

Special Attack Edit

Dual Hammers Edit

Jump into the air and slam both hammers into the ground creating a fissure in front of you 10 meters long and 2 meters wide dealing 25 damage to all characters inside the fissure.

Destroys anything destructible in it's path.

Cooldown of 10 seconds.

Single Hammer Edit

If used on the ground, slam the hammer into the ground forcing a large boulder into the air then hit the boulder in the direction you were facing.

The boulder travels at 20 meters per second and deals 30 damage to players or destroys anything destructible.

If used on destructible ground, slam the hammer into the floor destroying the floor beneath you.

Cooldown of 5 seconds.

Tier 3 Upgrade Edit

Dual Hammers Edit

The special attack also knocks all objects, including players, 2 meters into the air.

Single Hammers Edit

The special attack splits the the boulder into 3 pieces sending them forward and 20 degrees to each side respectively.